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Terms & Conditions for rental of numbers 18 & 19 Leisure Homes at Boat of Garten Holiday Park owned by John & Ann Dutton.

The booking must be made  by a person over 21 years of  age who agrees on behalf of all named persons to abide by this Contract.

1. Contract – A Contract shall come into existence when booking confirmation has been confirmed by John & Ann Dutton. The Contract shall be deemed to have been made at the time of booking  and be subject to Scottish Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts. These conditions of hire form the basis of our contract with you.

2. Terms – Prices – Gas and electricity and provision of bed linen and towels are included in the price.

3. Parties – The accommodation shall only be used by the persons listed on the booking form, unless changes are agreed in writing with us prior to arrival. The total number in your party shall not exceed the number of persons listed on the booking form.

All male or all female groups are accepted only at our  discretion and with our specific permission.

Should you arrive at the holiday park with a group which does  not meet these criteria we reserve the right to refuse the use of the  accommodation. You may be asked to pay a security deposit at time of take-over.

We also reserve the right to refuse to hand over accommodation  to any person(s) who, in our opinion, is not suitable to take charge of it. In  such cases, all hire charges paid will be refunded in full and the Contract  shall be cancelled.

If, in our opinion, any person(s) is not suitable to continue  the holiday because of unreasonable behaviour, damage to property, or annoyance  to the holiday makers, the Contract may be terminated. In this event the hirer shall remain liable to pay the hire price and no refund will be due.

The accommodation must be left in a clean and tidy state when vacated and any breakages or damage to unit must be paid for before departure. We reserve the right to charge for any abnormal cleaning  which may be  necessary. 

All accommodation is non-smoking; an additional cleaning charge of £150 will be made to those who fail to observe this rule.

We have the right to enter any accommodation (without prior notice if this is not practicable or possible) if special circumstances or emergencies arise.

4. Payments

4.1 Non- refundable deposit – When booking you must pay the Initial deposit payment due to secure your booking.

4.2 Balance – The balance is due 14 days before your holiday start date. For bookings made within 14 days of your holiday start date, the full monies are payable at the time of booking. If payment is not made according  to these terms we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and retain the deposit paid.

5. Cancellation – If you have to cancel your  holiday for any reason, send us written notification and your cancellation will be effective from the date of receipt.

6. “Force Majeure” – We regret we cannot  accept responsibility or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt  performance of our contract with you is prevented or affected by reason of  circumstances which amount to force majeure.

Circumstances amounting to force majeure include any event  which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such circumstances  include the destruction or damage of your holiday home (which cannot reasonably  be remedied to a satisfactory standard before the start of your holiday) through  fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage  or any similar event. Such circumstances also include riots or civil strife,  industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather  conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity and  all similar situations beyond our control.

In such an event we will endeavour to offer you alternative  holiday accommodation if available. If we cannot do so or if you do not wish to  accept the alternative we offer, we will refund all monies you have paid to us  in full. Where any cancellation or change results from force majeure, our  liabilities are limited to offering you an alternative holiday home (where  available) or full refund as set out above. We regret we cannot pay any  compensation or meet any expenses or costs you may incur as a result of any such  cancellation or change.

7. Occupancy – Occupancy shall be from 4 pm  on the day of arrival to 11 am on the day of departure, (we have only a limited time to  prepare the property for the next guest and you are asked to respect this).

Overnight occupancy of both numbers 18 & 19 Boat of Garten Holiday Park is restricted to 4 persons.

8. Pets – Dogs are welcome on payment of an additional charge of £10 per dog. Bring your dog basket with you, Pets must never be left unattended in the leisure home and kept off bedding or other soft furnishings. Any damage caused by pets will be  charged for.

When exercising your dog on the park it must be on a lead.  Please clean up any fouling without delay. 

Just one dog is allowed at the leisure home (two small dogs may be  allowed by arrangement).

In the interest of visitors’ safety, and following recent  government legislation, we are sorry we are unable to accept the following types  of dog; American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Fuila Brasileiro and Dogo  Argentino even where these types of dog are muzzled as required by government  legislation. Any other type of pet which could present a danger or alarm to other visitors is also excluded.

9. Vehicles – Your vehicles and their accessories and contents are left entirely at your risk. We will not be  responsible for any loss or damage from or to any vehicle from any cause  whatsoever.

10. Liability – We cannot accept liability  for any damage, expenses, injury, death or loss of any nature whatsoever  suffered by any person(s) from any cause.

You are strongly recommended to take out appropriate personal  insurance for your holiday.

11. Shortcomings – You must notify us of any  shortcomings with your leisure home immediately so that corrective action can be taken.

12. Hot Tub – When renting number 19 Boat of Garten Holiday Park - 'Ambleside' Leisure Home with use of the Hot Tub, you will be required to comply with the separate 'Hot Tub' terms and conditions and sign your acceptance. 

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